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28 Day Morning Detox Tea for Men

28 Day Morning Detox Tea for Men

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  1. Cleanse Digestive System
  2. Boost Metabolism
  3. Flattens Belly 
  4. Reduces Cravings
  5. Fights Bloating 
  6. Accelerate Fat Burning 
  7. Supports Libido

GETMEFIT DETOX TEA for Men: Give your metabolism a boost and detox your body with this highly effective, organic and natural diet tea. It also has a great taste! Boost your weight loss: Each tea bag helps cleanse your system, mobilize excessive fatty deposits and eliminate them as metabolic waste. A natural choice to help cleanse your body and lose those extra pounds. Organic Diet Tea: Made from the finest choice of premium fully organic herbs, our attention to detail from the growing process to the curing process is done under the highest care resulting in an unparalleled quality you will feel with every sip. Dosage & Directions of use: Use - 1 infusion of getmefit detox tea every morning and evening after your last meal. In a cup of 150 ml boiling water, immerse the bag. Then infuse for 15 minutes and steep stir, and gentlyremove the bags against off the cup to completely enjoy the essence of the herbs. For best results, do not add sugar.

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